Volunteer training

Hong Kong “Pink Angel” Training Workshop

The “Pink Angels” of Hong Kong, a volunteer team of the Global Alliance of Chinese Breast Cancer organizations, supports breast cancer patients in Hong Kong by providing accompanying medical services as experienced volunteers.To keep the alliance’s support services up to date and enhance the skills of volunteers, the Hong Kong “Pink Angels” need to receive regular training and attend workshops provided by different experts.The following is the training program provided by the Alliance for volunteers:

Pink Angel Volunteer training

In collaboration with the University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Integrated Cancer Care Centre, the Pink Angel was trained in psychological distress and communication skills such as hearing, empathy and non-verbal communication for stage 4 breast cancer patients.

Volunteer Stress Relief Workshop

In order to make the consultation service more professional and to train the new generation of new talents, pink Angel training and workshops have been set up.During one of the sessions, chaired by Dr Law Kin-man, volunteers talked about the problems they encountered in their support services and helped them relieve their mental and physical stress.

“Volunteer training” workshop and “Latest Breast cancer Information” education talk

The leader of the pink Angel Project, Mr Lai Kwan Yu explained the service scope of the lady, but Dr Tsang Wing Heng, Associate professor of The University of Hong Kong deconstructed how to remove the doubts of the patients in the course of attending the clinic and inspired the pink Angel to be more handy when dealing with different patients

Volunteers know more: communication skills and precautions

✔ listen more

✔ encourage more

✔ But be patient

✔ Be considerate of patient complaints

✔ But support

✔ Understand patient discomfort with empathy

✔ But avoid asking questions about the house

✔ But avoid giving personal advice about chemotherapy and drug use

✔ But be aware of the physical and psychological factors of the person who has breast cancer. Some people can be ✔ but talk to them more often and don’t talk about them personally

✔ But be aware of your mental and physical conditions. Go accordingly and stay at home if you feel unwell

Still, keep in mind that you don’t come from a power standpoint. Go from there to learn from the experience. Don’t go there at 100 points

✔ Volunteers must try to come on time so patients don’t have to wait too long.In case of traffic jam or accident delay, please call the service Centre or the responsible volunteer officer as soon as possible

Information provided by: Global Chinese Breast Cancer Association

Volunteers should know more about the basic knowledge of the consultation service and matters needing attention

✔ Volunteers can come from there and know about breast cancer

✔ But you can still go through the procedures for chemotherapy

✔ If the patient needs emotional support, go to the Pink Angel’s help hotline at 3618 8330

✔ Volunteer director will be responsible for contact and notify where the volunteer and patient can wait at the hospital, about 15 minutes

If you cannot arrive, please call the volunteer officer

✔ Volunteer helps patients register, pay and pick up medicines

✔ Volunteers avoid touching patients’ money

✔ But if the patient starts chemotherapy, volunteers can sit down and don’t have to come from there

✔ But wear a volunteer id when you go from there

✔ But when coming into and out of the hospital, you can still clean your hands with disinfecting alcohol

✔ But you can still protect yourself with a mask

✔ But if there is a typhoon signal no. 8 or higher or a black rainstorm signal, all voluntary services and related activities may be cancelled

✔ If you are in heavy rain or severe flooding, weigh whether or not you can come to the hospital and call the service center or the responsible volunteer director as soon as possible

✔ But if you arrive at the hospital or are still working from the weather signal, stay there from a safe place

Information provided by: Global Chinese Breast Cancer Association

Volunteers learn more: Learn about the impact of breast cancer on patients

Influence of body and mind

✔ But painful cuts, difficulty moving your arms, paralysis, weakness

✔ But chemotherapy: Vomiting, loss of appetite, hair loss, dizziness, weakness

✔ But radiation treatment: Dry skin, burns, pain, fatigue, skin ulcers

✔ Target treatment: pain, paralysis, fatigue, fever, dizziness, sensitive skin, vomiting, dry skin, itchy skin, depressed mood

✔ Endocrine treatment: Hot flashes, dry vagina, decreased libido, bone pain, weight gain, fatigue, insomnia

Emotional impact

✔ But there’s pain and paralysis

✔ But in the early stages of reconstruction, you can still go from arm to arm

✔ But you still haven’t fully accepted the range of treatments from breast cancer

✔ Worry about the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy, which can lead to anxiety, discomfort and even insomnia

✔ But how that can affect you and your family

✔ Change roles

Volunteers can provide information support and emotional support

✔ Look for pre-treatment support from a medical provider

✔ But provide treatment leaflets

✔ But talk to experts

✔ Patients can help each other

✔ Family members can help each other

✔ Phone support services

✔ But provide personal tutoring

Information provided by: Global Chinese Breast Cancer Association

Volunteers know more: self-adjustment and motivation

✔ View original intention

✔ But go to the core of volunteering

Negative aspects of ✔ friend

✔ But what does it mean to be proactive

✔ Internal awakening from volunteer work

✔ Change quality of life from volunteer work

✔ But go down to life

✔ But how to dream

✔ But how you feel about suffering

✔ Questions about your power

Information provided: Taichung Happy Association