Development of Hong Kong

1. GCBC presents a caring mask to fellow patients

In February 2020, the Global Alliance of Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations began to distribute free love masks to all cancer patients in need of treatment and follow-up diagnosis. So far, more than 20,000 masks have been distributed.The donation campaign has received much support from the well-heartedness of people and organizations from all sides. Let’s face the epidemic together.

2. The “Pink Third Line”, a charity for epidemic prevention, protects and supports all patients

From February 2020, in order to reduce the chance of the epidemic spreading in the community, the pink Angel Breast cancer chemotherapy companion service needs to be suspended until the epidemic improves.During this period, the Global Alliance of Chinese Breast Cancer organizations enhanced its pink hotline and WhatsApp support, seven days a week, so that patients could continue to receive support at home.

Key points of the “Pink Third Line Action” :

☎ ️ first line: pink hotline at 8330 ~ 3618

From Monday to Sunday, the hotline will be activated from 8am to 9pm every day. Through warm voice support, you can continue to listen, care, guide, answer and share your experiences. Let patients not feel lonely on the road to breast cancer!.

💬 line 2: pink group 2341 ~ 6317

From Monday to Sunday, whenever and wherever possible, the “Pink Angel” will gather in the group to answer questions, exchange opinions, and provide support and encouragement to the patients through the WhatsApp group.

👩 third line: pink online ~ Facebook live online interactive lectures, breast cancer education and volunteer training

Break through geographical boundaries and talk with experts under the epidemic situation.We invite doctors and medical staff from different specialties to hold interactive lectures online and on the Facebook of the Global Chinese Breast Cancer Association, during which patients can communicate with doctors directly and inquire for the latest information.

3. Online “Pink chat Room”

Response to the outbreak, was scheduled for Thursday afternoon at 2 to 4 when global Chinese breast cancer patients support organization alliance activities center group ─ ─ “pink chat rooms, online” pink “chat room temporarily changed (time constant), via video, patients can dialogue with center volunteer nurse, a n experienced person, know how to face the side effects of treatment.

The Global Alliance of Chinese breast Cancer organizations continues to work with you against the epidemic!

In April 2020