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Curriculum design and features of “Happy Academy”

Since 2007, taichung Association has changed the implementation mode of traditional symposiums, designed for the needs of new patients, and launched the “Happy Academy” course.The four-week course features a full and diversified programme, increased time for patient talk, mood sharing, senior breast cancer researchers to accompany patients and help build a network of peer support.

The “Happy Academy” mainly serves new patients who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer, or patients who have been sick for two years. It provides practical information by arranging lectures on breast cancer given by medical experts.The new patients were divided into three or four groups, each group arranged senior breast cancer sister (volunteer) to accompany all the way and give care before and after class.

The syllabus of “Happy Academy”

1. Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer

2. Postoperative plastic surgery and reconstruction

Breast cancer and Chinese medicine

4. Diet and nutrition

5. Postoperative reconstruction

6. Find an exit for your mood

7. Proper use of fake breast

8. Wear and wash wigs

“Happy Academy” course enrollment method

The enrollment of “Happy Academy” of Taichung Association comes from the following sources: ward visits, telephone calls, Internet and posters, etc. The target groups are hospital patients and breast cancer patients’ groups.Until February 2020, “Happy Academy” has been held until the 46th session.

The achievement and promotion of “Happy Academy”

Since its launch, “Happy Academy” has benefited a large number of participants and achieved remarkable results. It has been gradually extended to various hospitals and other patient groups in Taiwan.Among them, Los Angeles Angle Sound Association, Xi ‘an Anti-cancer Club, Beijing Union Hospital Pink Red Garden, Shanghai Pink Angel Foundation and other organizations have successively adopted the “Happy Academy” course as the main rehabilitation service project for patients, providing in-depth support and help for local patients.

Information provided: Taichung Happy Association

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