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The following organizations and programs provide designated assistance and special services for recovering patients, including transportation assistance, home care, and meal delivery services. Among them, if patients have questions about labor laws or work injury compensation during the recovery process, they can call the relevant departments for inquiries.

●Transportation assistance

Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation “Rehabus”

Phone: 2817 8154

Website: https://www.rehabsociety.org.hk/transport/rehabus/zh-hant/

Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation “Easy Bus”

(Target: patients 60 years of age or above who are undergoing follow-up consultation in public hospitals)

Phone: 2348 0608

Website: https://www.rehabsociety.org.hk/transport/eab/zh-hant/

Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation “Easy Car”

Phone: 8106 6616

Website: https://www.rehabsociety.org.hk/transport/ahc/zh-hant/

St. John’s Ambulance

(Target: patients treated / discharged from private hospitals)

Tel: 2530 8032/2530 8033/2530 8034/2530 8035

Website: https://www.stjohn.org.hk/zh

Auxiliary Medical Service “Non-Emergency Ambulance Service”

Phone: 2567 3083/2567 0705

Website: https://www.ams.gov.hk/chi/service.htm

“Drilled” barrier-free taxi service

Phone: 276 08771

Website: https://www.diamondcab.com.hk/

●Labor Law/Work Injury Compensation

Enquiry on Labour Laws and Services of the Labour Department

Phone: 2717 1771

Website: https://www.labour.gov.hk/front.htm

Duty Lawyer Service-Telephone Legal Consultation Service

Phone: 2521 3333

Website: http://www.dutylawyer.org.hk/index.asp

●Nation care service (inpatient at your own expense)

Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society Cancer Rehabilitation Centre (Wong Chuk Hang)

Phone: 3921 3888

Website: https://www.jccrc.org.hk/

Jockey Club Sinning House (Shatin)

Phone: 2331 7000

Website: https://www.hospicecare.org.hk/

Haven of Hope Secretary Road Ning Home (Tseung Kwan O)

Phone: 2703 3000

Website: https://www.hohcs.org.hk/content_31.html

●Nation Care Service (Kowloon Chinese Hospital Network) <referred by doctor>

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Phone: 3506 7300

Website: http://www.hospicehome.hk/hospiceCentersinfo.php?id=5

Buddhist Hospital

Tel: 2339 6200/ 2339 6236/ 2339 6137

Website: http://www.hospicehome.hk/hospiceCentersinfo.php?id=4

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Wong Tai Sin Hospital

Phone: 3517 3845

Website: https://www.tungwah.org.hk/medical/mh-introduction/hospital/twghs-wong-tai-sin-hospital/

Notre Dame Hospital

Phone: 2354 2240

●Home care / nursing / escort

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals “Good Home Service”

(Target: people in Shatin and nearby areas)

Phone: 2636 5166/6629 1383

Website: https://vhomes.tungwahcsd.org/

“Housekeeper Easy” by the Senior Citizens’ Homes Association

Phone: 2345 4455

Website: https://www.ezhome.com.hk/

Chi Ai Social Service Center

Phone: 2116 0991

Website: http://www.wecare.org.hk/page11.html

“Senior Citizen” Project of the Social Service of the Christian Missionary Society

(Target: elderly people aged 60 or above living in Kwun Tong District)

Phone: 2346 3231

Website: https://www.cmasshk.org/Special-Service-Project/css

Haven of Hope Christian Association “Have of Hope” Home Care and Rehabilitation Services (Target: frail parents aged 50 or above)

Phone: 2663 3001

Website: https://www.hohcs.org.hk/content_37.html

The Salvation Army “Senior Development Project Tung Tau Centre”

Phone: 2340 0266

Website: https://www.salvationarmy.org.hk/ssd/ttsc/hk

Charity Circulation Movement “Community Support and Escort Service”

Phone: 2777 2223


Qunli Social Enterprise Limited “Good Helper One-Stop Service”

(Target: Elderly residents aged 60 or above in Wong Tai Sin)

Phone: 2321 1073

Website: http://www.coalitionse.com/

Employee Retraining Bureau “Lohas One Stop”

Phone: 182 182

Website: https://www.erb.org/smartliving/tc/main/

● Meal delivery service for living alone

Caritas Shatin Integrated Home Care Service

Phone: 2691 7174

Website: https://www.caritasse.org.hk/services/main/enhancedho/stih.html

Caritas Diamond Hill Integrated Home Care Service

Phone: 2320 4433

Website: https://www.caritasse.org.hk/services/main/enhancedho/dhih.html

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Social Services

Phone: 2708 2998

Webpage: http://www.tungwahcsd.org/tc/our-services/elderly-services/enhanced-home-and-community-care-services/EHCCS-KC0-YTM-SSP/services

St. James’ Settlement Continuous Care Service

Tel: 2831 3211 (Wan Chai)

Website: https://cc.sjs.org.hk/?route=services-detail&sid=7#service-section-49

Le “Shan” Tang Nutritional Service Center

Phone: 2334 5009

Website: https://www.lsteasymeal.org/lst_meal/registration.php

SWD response

(Regarding meal delivery service for the elderly)

*If you find that there are elderly people who have not received the original meal delivery service, you can call for inquiry

Phone: 2343 2255

Website: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/201911/14/P2019111400788.htm


1. The above information is for reference only and does not represent the position of the “Global Alliance of Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations”, nor does it ensure the accuracy of the content. If you want to get updated information, please contact the relevant organization or the retailer directly.

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3. The list is not exhaustive. If there are any omissions, please write to us.

4. The above information is only for the reference of patients in Hong Kong, patients in other areas can check with local support organizations.