Honorary presidents

Ms Grace Chia
Ms Joyce Hsu
Mrs Lucy Young

Steering Committee

Mrs Mary Wong-Hemrajani, Chairman
Ms Lu Lui Mei, Vice-Chairman
Ms Grace Chia
Mrs Lucy Young
Dr. Guan Jing Hong
Ms Dong Hui
Ms JoAnn Wong
Ms Sophia Wo
Dr. Tang Li Chen
Ms Wang Lai Yue
Ms Yang Chieh
Ms Yim Shu Yu

Hong Kong Planning & Executive Committee

Mrs Mary Wong-Hemrajani, Chairman
Ms Clara Lee
Ms Daisy Wong (BSW RSW)
Ms Edythe Ho
Ms Esther Leung
Ms Jessica Mui
Ms Eva Poon
Ms Evonne Tsui
Ms Margaret Poon (RN)
Ms Pauline Tong (RN)

Secretary to Steering Committee: Ms Wendy Fung (RN,BsHN,Mgmt)

Outreach & Fundraising Committee

Mrs Mary Wong – Hemrajani, Chairman
Ms Evonne Tsui
Mr Harris Tim Ng

Pink Angel Service Monitoring & Development Committee

Dr Chow Chi Yan Lorraine
Dr Tsang Wing Hang, Janice
Dr Wong Lai San, Cindy
Ms Wong Sin Ting
Dr Wong Siu Yu Joyce

International Development Committee

Ms JoAn Wang (Committee Chairman)
Mrs Mary Wong – Hemrajani
Mrs Lucy Young
Ms Grace Chia
Dr Guan Jing Hong
Ms Lu Lui Mei
Dr Tang Li Chen
Ms Yim Shu Yu

Pink Academy working group

Mrs Mary Hemrajani (項目負責人 – 香港)
Ms Yim Shu Yu (項目負責人 -跨地區)
Ms JoAnn Wong (項目顧問)
Ms Grace Chia (項目顧問)
Dr Wong Wah (課程規劃)
Ms Xi La RN (課程規劃)
Mr Wang Yue (項目秘書長)
Ms Xiang Li Fei
Ms Su Meng Wei

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations Alliance (GCBC) is to link up all Chinese breast cancer groups, raise breast cancer awareness, support breast cancer patients, promote breast health education and breast cancer prevention among Chinese Women. We gather the latest treatment information and commit to provide the best support to breast cancer patients to reduce their stress, fear and anxiety.

GCBC is dedicated to serving all Chinese breast cancer patients. Connected with medical and cancer groups around the world, we focus on collecting information regarding breast cancer research and prevention and strengthening the sharing of information and resources among Chinese breast cancer groups so that the seed of love and support can reach every

Chinese breast cancer patient. 

We strive to connect all Chinese breast cancer groups. Over 70 member- organizations from different regions have joined the Alliance so far. To promote exchange, enhance patient support skills, strengthen mutual assistance and cooperation as well as sharing of the latest breast cancer information, GCBC held international breast cancer conference (the Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organization Alliance Conference) every two years at different locations in the world.

In addition, GCBC strive to collaborate with scientific research institutions worldwide to explore the causes, prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment of breast cancer as well as patient support and counseling projects. We encourage and cultivate patient volunteer groups to support breast cancer patients.