The Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations Alliance (GCBC) is a conviction, a pledge, and a vision to connect all Chinese breast cancer patients worldwide to fight the disease together. Since the first GCBC Conference in 2006, the team continues to pursue our mission to promote breast cancer patients support, breast health education, breast cancer knowledge and to strengthen exchange of information and resources sharing among Chinese breast cancer groups in various regions. We are the only platform that links up all the Chinese breast cancer organizations worldwide with more than 70 member-organizations.

GCBC set up the “Hong Kong Pink Angels” team and launched Hong Kong’s unforeseen free of charge services – “Pink Angel Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Companion Service”. Breast cancer survivors volunteer to accompany patients to undergo chemotherapy treatments in hospitals thus reducing fear and anxiety. This generous act can ensure that no matter how unfortunate, no patient has to fight breast cancer alone. Volunteers share their own cancer experiences with newly diagnosed patients to help them overcome difficulties and encourage them to complete their treatments.