27th November 2006: Taichung Kaihuai Association hosted the first Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations Alliance Conference (GC Conference) inviting Chinese breast cancer groups from all over the world to attend. The participants, 33 organizations from different regions, unanimously agreed to the setting up of the Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations Alliance (GCBC), to promote breast cancer education and support for breast cancer patients across all regions. 

27th November 2007: 

During the second GC Conference held on November 27, 2007, the Articles of GCBC and its structure were approved. The delegates also decided that GC Conferences should be held bi-annually and member breast cancer groups around the globe will take turn to fulfil the active role as organizer of the Conference.

September 2014: 

The 5th GC Conference in Shanghai saw exchange and sharing from experienced breast cancer organizations on the new model of breast cancer patient support. The information inspired further development of breast cancer support in China.

January 2015: 

January 2015 GCBC launched the “Pink China” Movement to promote professional and sustainable development of breast cancer support in China, through professional training and experience sharing. Enthusiastic participants included a total of 180 cancer medical staff, heads of patient groups, medical social workers, and other stakeholders from 14 hospitals and patient organizations.

January 2016: 

Setting up of “seed funding” scheme for new breast cancer support projects in China, to assist the establishment of new support groups and to enhance their capacity to support patients. 

17th March 2016: 

Registration of GCBC as a non-profit charitable organization with Hong Kong as its headquarters.

18th May 2016: 

During the last phase of the “Pink China Movement”, 40 representatives from 11 patient groups and medical institutions toured in Hong Kong for training and exchange. They visited the Breast Health Centre of Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society Jockey Club Cancer Rehabilitation Centre and the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. Through exchanges and observations, the delegation learned about breast cancer care in Hong Kong, including patient support, mutual sharing, lymphedema prevention and established good communication and learning platform.

April 2017:

Launch of the “Hong Kong Pink Angel” programme whereby breast cancer volunteer survivors are trained to become caring volunteers to provide chemotherapy companion services free of charge to patients in public hospitals in Hong Kong. The Pink Angels share their experiences and provide peer support to patients receiving chemotherapy treatments.

October 2017: 

Ms Mary Wong, GCBC Chairman, received the “Breast Cancer Survivor Award” presented by Susan G. Komen, USA, for outstanding performance and service to promote education and screening for breast cancer, recognizing her relentless effort in breast cancer care. The award further accentuates the world-wide acknowledgement of the Alliance. 

March 2018: 

Setting up of the “Pink hotline” in Hong Kong where patients having questions on treatment or having anxiety and other doubts can dial in and get assistance after office hours.

December 2018: 

GCBC became a member of UICC “Union International for Cancer Control”, actively contributing the organization’s experience and point of view among international cancer societies. 

December 2018: 

GCBC was awarded the “Social Capital Builder Award” by the Hong Kong Labour and Welfare Bureau, affirming its contribution in patient support services. 

March 2019: 

Opening of GCBC Activity Centre in Hong Kong. 

July 2019-October 2019: 

GCBC partnered in the 3 months’ Community Breast Health Promotion Campaign under the Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Control programme of the Hong Kong Department of Health. 

October 2020

GCBC became a member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Services (HKCSS).