The future trend

The Global Alliance of Chinese breast Cancer organizations continues to serve the Chinese breast cancer patients in Hong Kong. It advocates for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer in the Chinese community. Its activities include:

● Encourage members to participate in the International Cancer Forum to enhance international vision;

To strengthen the cooperation between the group members and different regional institutions to promote the health education, treatment and prevention methods;

● Encourage and facilitate the establishment of new patient organizations to provide information exchange and sharing;and

● Continue to engage in breast cancer research and prevention work, learning from various aspects of the best patient support program.

The ultimate goal of the Global Alliance of Chinese breast Cancer organizations is to “enable breast cancer patients to receive the best care and treatment”.All actions and plans are up-to-date, including:

● In response to the new pneumonia outbreak, the 8th Global Chinese Breast Cancer Association Conference will be postponed to mid-2021. Details will be announced later;and

Support local members to develop online patient support services and improve patient support skills as the epidemic develops.

If you have any comments on the future of the Global Chinese Breast cancer Association, please feel free to contact us.