Breast health education

About “Pink Academy”

The Global Federation of Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations launched the pink Academy in 2018 to promote breast health education and spread international breast cancer information.Through the “Pink Academy”, we educate the public and enrich the health knowledge of patients.Through volunteer support, the volunteers can enhance their service ability and skills so as to help fellow travellers and achieve the goal of helping others as well as themselves.The following is some of the services of Pink Academy in Hong Kong:

Regular breast cancer talks and workshops in Hong Kong

Today’s medical advances are greatly improving the survival rate of breast cancer patients.At the same time, by understanding the various treatment methods and professional medical knowledge, as well as cultivating a positive attitude, passers-by and their relatives can be more confident to enter the road of recovery and overcome difficulties more easily.In view of this, the Alliance regularly organizes a number of expert lectures for breast cancer patients, relatives, carers and companions.Various doctors and medical experts gave in-depth and practical explanations on the latest treatments for breast cancer, medication and mood relief. As a result, each response exceeded expectations and participants expressed their great benefits.

Education lecture on “Good prescription for breast cancer, Good new drug? Good old drug? Side effect of chemotherapy”

The pharmacist of The Hong Kong Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Ms. Ching-chi Kwok, deconstructs the difference between new and old breast cancer drugs, explains the side effects of chemotherapy, and answers the doubts of the attendees.

Educational seminar on “New Directions in Breast Cancer Treatment”

Professor Yan Jichang, a clinical oncologist, explained the new trends, new directions and new treatments for breast cancer and answered questions from the participants

Workshop on “Clinical Psychology and You, Emotional Support”

Dr Law Kin-man, psychologist, Associate Counsellor and accredited supervisor, will give lectures on relaxation techniques for stage 0 to 3 breast cancer patients to help relieve stress and speed up recovery.

“Positive Life” Spiritual Support Workshop

Professor Law Kin-man, phase 4 and relapsing patients with positive attitude and spiritual support

Lymphedema Workshop

The lecture will be given by nurse Tang Wai-man, lymphedema therapist, explaining lymph swelling, drainage, demonstrating, instructing lymph movement and answering questions

Survivorship Clinic

In collaboration with the University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Integrated Cancer Care Centre, we provide free assessment of the post-treatment physical and emotional health of recovering patients and assist in the management of post-treatment physical and emotional changes that may occur

Education seminar on breast cancer “I can do it for you”

Jointly organised with the Kwun Tong New Homes Association, Dr Margaret Chan delivered a keynote speech to promote community breast health education for grassroots and new immigrant women. The campaign aims to raise awareness among local women on the important message of breast cancer prevention and to encourage women to take part in voluntary work and become “breast health ambassadors”. A total of 40 participants participated.

Seminar on “Latest Treatment options for Breast cancer”

Dr. Liang Chengyu, Department of internal Breast Oncology, explains the latest treatment plan for breast cancer, among which the tumor gene test can be used as a reference.The q&A session is close to the audience’s questions

“Cancer Survivorship rehabilitation. Rebirth. Strengthen and improve!”The lecture

How to cope with self-care and adjust to life after various treatments and surgeries for breast cancer patients is a long-term and profound knowledge.Clinical tumor specialist Liao Jingxian doctor, and a group of sisters to discuss how to continue the “recovery, rebirth and self-improvement” after the disease!

Psychology of survivors: Improving the physical and mental health of breast cancer survivors through positive psychology and life restructuring

Dr. Law Shared his “positive” outlook on life and taught people to reorganize their lives and improve their physical and mental health.