Chairman’s Message

Pain, Passion & Pledge

It has been almost 14 years now since breast cancer has changed my perspectives in life. I gradually quit my job, picked up the broken pieces of my life and entered into full volunteered work of comforting and helping others in their recovery journey from cancer. As a survivor, I can strongly relate to the fear, worry, and shock experienced when first diagnosed with breast cancer. I understand the anxiety during treatment and the importance of peer support and mutual encouragement among cancer patients. 

The Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations Alliance (GCBC) is a pledge to fight breast cancer, Since the first International Breast Cancer Alliance Conference in 2006, we have embraced the goal of supporting breast cancer patients, promoting breast health education among Chinese communities and enhance the sharing of resources among Chinese breast cancer groups,

In 2016, when GCBC chose Hong Kong as its headquarters, I had the privilege to lead the organization into this new era.  Though we lack resources and manpower, we compensate this major handicap with a team of selfless and dedicated volunteers. As someone who had gone through breast cancer treatments, we understand how Chemotherapy is the most difficult of all treatments bearing the most side-effects. The Hong Kong “Pink Angel Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Companion Service” was launched whereby breast cancer survivors volunteer to accompany patients to undergo chemotherapy treatments in hospitals, reducing fear and anxiety and ensuring that no patient has to fight cancer alone. This service, a pioneer in Hong Kong, is a free of charge service offered with and by love to the patients of public hospitals.

Moving forward, we will continue to work hard to develop more comprehensive support for breast cancer patients. We remain committed to our goal of connecting all Chinese breast cancer groups to promote experience and resources sharing as well as collaboration to find the best support for Chinese breast cancer patients. As a patients’ group, we will strive to become a strong voice for the needs of breast cancer patients!